Finding Brogdon in Sydney

We’ve camped almost every night of our journey. We’ve stayed at one hostel, and at another hostel that turned out to be a hippie commune. That’s a story for another time. I’m now downtown Sydney, in a hostel called “Elephant Backpackers.” It’s an old, ex-hotel run by travelers in their twenties. This weathered building sleeps over 200 every night. I ate dinner in a “dining … Continue reading Finding Brogdon in Sydney

Untied and Ready to Fly

Day 1 Down Under Lush mountains kissed the clouds. Palm trees and bright bromeliads welcomed me off my airplane— contrasting the arid landscape I expected. Cairns is a northern city. It’s tropical, yet a cool, cloudy, 70 degrees. I explored all day (to stay awake) and took a late afternoon hike though the ritzy part of downtown, toward the yacht docks.          … Continue reading Untied and Ready to Fly

Sun Rays & Stingrays

Staring over the balcony in the middle of the ocean will heal any over-sized ego. Look any direction and you’ll see vast blue waves kissing the immeasurable horizon. Occasionally, a silver sparkle highlights the presence of a school of fish darting near the surface. I promised myself that if my girlfriend and I last five years, I’d make up for the lackluster anniversaries and birthdays preceding. … Continue reading Sun Rays & Stingrays