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I hate to read, I love to draw. The obstacle with art is being limited to your medium. I can’t share sounds, smells and tastes through my drawings, and that’s why poetry attracts me- especially when the writer is talented enough to make me feel.

Like most 20-something year-olds, I grip onto my youth tighter each day. I try to excel in my career, non-profit work, athletics, and in social settings, but no endeavor is as exciting as exploration.

Nothing inspires awe quite like encountering a wild animal- in their territory. Knowing this creature would be here regardless of my existence, knowing that this creature has killed or will be killed, and knowing that I have a relationship with this animal, even if only for a moment, awakens my inner child– the one who used to search for lizards and toads in the backyard with a butterfly net and a mason jar.

I hope my attempt at poetry isn’t ostentatious. I hope you can share in the wonder I’ve been lucky enough to stumble upon. I hope this project paints something meaningful by sharing experiences you can feel.

The stories and photos are all real.



2 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. I agree that writing is meant to be experiential! Nature is a great inspiration when it comes to creative writing. I’m looking forward to reading your pieces 🙂

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